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Everything You Need for the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

Summer is upon us and when the weather turns warm, there’s one place a guy feels most in his element — manning the grill. 

He has swagger and confidence there, flipping burgers with the athletic prowess of Steph Curry launching a three-pointer. Maybe he’s got a drink in one hand and his best bud talking shop right beside him. Or perhaps he’s the lone artist type, carefully drawing the flavor out of a smoked brisket over 12 hours.

Whatever your style — men and barbecues go hand and hand during this season.

So at Torchwood Landscaping we wanted to help you make the most of it. 

We put together this guide so you’re ready for the ultimate backyard barbecue. You’ll find a plan for how to turn your backyard into the perfect BBQ setup, plus our advice on grills and equipment and a few lessons on barbecuing technique.

How to Turn Your Lawn Into Barbecue Heaven

Before you select a grill or smoker you need to set the stage for your ultimate backyard bbq. 

Since this is a place where you’ll want to prepare every meal this summer, it’s important to plan out your space. 

You don’t want to just throw a grill down in the middle of the lawn. Instead, imagine beautiful hardscapes with a built-in kitchen and plenty of seating for your guests.

Construct or extend your patio with room for your grill or smoker. Choose a spot far enough away from the house to avoid any potential dangers, but easy enough to get to that it won’t feel like an obstacle course as you go back and forth with trays of food.

A built-in grill and countertop makes everything easier. It provides ample space to prep food or rest meat. With drawers or cabinets, you’ll have a place to keep utensils. Plus, the seamless experience will make you feel like a real professional and wow all your friends.

To make sure you get this most important step right, give Torchwood Landscaping a call. We’ve transformed backyards all over West Michigan and would love to do the same for you and your family.

Grill vs Smoker — What’s the Right Appliance?

If you’re designing an outdoor kitchen or planning a weekend get-together, you have to know what tools are right for you. 

Most people are familiar with a grill, but some swear by using a smoker. Here’s what you need to know about each.


Grills are the do-it-all appliance for backyard barbecues. 

You can place food directly over the open flame or cook it indirectly a little further removed. This flexibility lets a grill master slow down or speed up the cooking process. That means your proteins (or vegetables!) can be fully cooked on the outside without over-charring the outside.

There are many different types of grills. They can be infrared, charcoal or gas. While the electric grill is usually a little easier to use, foodies almost always prefer gas or charcoal (briquettes or lump coal) for the flavor they impart.

Check out this article for a list of the best outdoor grills for 2021.


While often compared to grills, smokers are very different. 

Instead of using direct heat, smokers use smoke to cook food. They’re all about low and slow. This results in tender, flavorful meats. (Plus, it gives you a chance to relax outside instead of working on household chores.)

There are many different types of smokers. There are benefits to each, so do a bit of digging before you decide whether pellet, stick-burning or some other gives you the right cook for your backyard barbecue.

What’s the Right Wood for Your Backyard Barbecue?

Any mention of smokers should help you choose the right wood for your BBQ.

When it comes to flavor, the type of wood you use really matters. Think of it like pairing a fine wine to cheese — it takes the experience to a whole new level!

Check out this handy guide to see which wood is right for you.

What wood to use to have the ultimate backyard bbq

Smoker vs Grill: Which one should you pick?

Since they are two different types of cooking, we’d say the setup would have both! We’ve designed outdoor kitchens that make great use of a grill and a smoker.

But if you only can have one, decide what you’d get the most use out of.

A grill has more flexibility and lets you feed more people quickly. It is generally more user-friendly.

Meanwhile, a smoker is best for bigger items and has the most potential to turn out moist and flavorful food.

The Best BBQ Advice Out There

Even if you have great tools, you still need a little technique.

At Torchwood Landscaping, we do feel like we have some pretty good backyard barbecue chefs. But if you’re going to take advice, we figure you should get it from the best of the best. 

That’s why we compiled some how-to videos from barbecue experts.

Click through and take notes!

Put it All Together for the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

There you have it — the three things you need for the ultimate barbecue.

Call your landscaper for the perfect setup, find the right grill or smoker and start practicing your technique.

Now you’re all set to wow your guests and enjoy every moment of those warm summer weekends.