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10 of the Best Outdoor Entertaining Areas

outdoor movie theatre

After a long year of social distancing, people are more ready than ever for outdoor entertaining.

Stay at home restrictions have kept us isolated for long enough. When it’s safe to do so, you can bet people will jump at the chance to light up the grill and gather family and friends on the patio.

And since we’re making up for a lot of lost time, it’s important to optimize your outdoor space. Not only do you want enough room for people to spread out comfortably — you also want the space to be so fun, they can’t wait to come back.

If you want to beat the neighbors and make your backyard the go-to place for good times, you might need a little inspiration.

Here are 10 of the best outdoor entertaining areas.


fireplaceImage via

There’s nothing like gathering around a fireplace at night. The best conversations happen when you’re sitting near loved ones over a crackling flame.

This entertaining area lets you bring that comfort outdoors —without sacrificing luxury. 

A lot of people have a fire pit or even a raised deck, but this area is built into the yard. It looks great and feels more exclusive. Your guests will be impressed with the contrast of the stone and wood. And between the warm lights and the right furniture, they’ll feel cozy long into the night.


outdoor seatingImage via

Do you ever find that your parties split up into different groups? 

Maybe a few people want to talk sports or others sit close to the kitchen, ready to jump once the food is ready.

The best spaces allow for different conversations without forcing your party to split up.

This hardscape is great because it lets you entertain on multiple levels. 

Some guests can lean into the countertop for a snack while others can relax on the patio furniture with a cool drink. No matter what combinations your guests break into, all it takes is a turn of the head for everyone to come back together.


grill and barImage via

There’s one way guaranteed to liven up any gathering: food. Roll out lunch and you’ll have a hard time keeping friends away.

This outdoor entertaining area takes that advice to heart. 

The bar and grill allow you to flip burgers while chatting with the family. (Forgive Uncle Ron if he tells you you’re doing it wrong!)

And when the food is ready, guests can sit at the dining table, at the bar or even lean against the pergola while they chow down.

People’s first comments will tell you how great the stonework looks. They’ll remind you all summer long how much fun they had at your place.


garden patioImage via

Sometimes you want a rowdy barbeque — others you’re in the mood for a peaceful brunch.

This entertaining area is perfect for those more relaxed gatherings.

It’s simpler by design.

The lush greenery makes the space feel like an open garden. Then the stone leads to a miniature patio. 

Whether it’s the in-laws or that couple down the street, you have just enough room to sip orange juice over breakfast. And after the guests leave, this is still a great spot to sit with a good book on a shady afternoon.


backyard coveringImage via

Want to wow your guests rain or shine?

This backyard structure is a jaw-dropper.

It makes a statement both in its scale and simplicity. Most important, it has room to fit all of your friends. 

You can lead guests down the stone path to the big patio. From there, they can find a space next to the fire or start a card game at the table. With the fireplace and the soft glow of the overhead lights, people could gather out here late into the night. And because it’s all under a beautiful roof, guests can stay out whether it’s heavy rain or burning sun.


deckImage via–porches-and-patios/summer-outdoor-makeover-pictures

Sometimes your guests want fresh air without walking across the yard.

This deck brings an entertaining area right to the back door. It makes the perfect transition from the comfort of indoors to the freedom of the open air.

Notice how well the space is used. Guests can lounge off to one side or sit down for a big meal at the table on the other. 

The whole area is crowned with some dark mulch and plants, making this deck king of the backyard.


tiered hardscape

Image via

While having a big backyard means room for plenty of guests, typically it also requires a lot of work. Some people might fear they’ll spend more time cutting grass and weeding than entertaining.

Enter this hardscape. This backyard is covered with stone. It cuts down on yard maintenance while still leaving you plenty of room for gathering.

The multiple tiers lend depth to the area and the light makes it feel warm. 

You could leave the area more open like this or populate the space with furniture for an outdoor sitting area guests are sure to love.


backyard entertainementImage via

Sometimes patios feel a little dull. A big square doesn’t always inspire fun times.

This patio however is anything but boring.

The edges are lined with a decorative wall and stand adjacent to raised plant beds. The pergola adds some dimension and a design flourish.

Like previous examples, the multiple seating areas make room for any guests or activity. With a similar set up you could trade stories around the fire or play card games in the fresh air.


outdoor movie theatreImage via

Some people create a beautiful space, but aren’t sure what to do with it. You have the area set up, but how will you entertain your guests?

A backyard movie theater solves all your problems.

This might sound like a dream, but it’s actually easier to execute than you think.

This entertainment area has a concrete foundation and is framed with wooden lattices. A screen and projector are set up and the family is all set to catch a flick in front of the stylish fireplace.

Your guests will be entertained watching the movie, and they’ll be kept busy admiring how great the whole setup looks.


pool patioImage via

To guarantee your house becomes the go-to place for all your friends and family, you’ll want to put in a pool. 

But don’t stop there. The problem is, while the kids are jumping in the water, adults are often left out in the sun.

This entertaining area puts an end to that. With the built-in bar, your guests can enjoy a cool drink or watch the game — all while keeping an eye on the pooltime fun.

The stonework makes the whole space look sophisticated and the roof keeps the bar shaded and dry no matter the weather.

For ultimate luxury, and the best space for outdoor entertaining, this setup is your inspiration.

How to Get Your Own Outdoor Entertaining Area

If any of these spaces have inspired you or you have your own design in mind, let Torchwood Landscaping help you execute it.

Schedule a call and let’s talk about the backyard you’ve been dreaming of. You deserve a space people love to come visit. Tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll help you make it happen. With our help, you can be entertaining guests in no time.

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