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drainage installation

The Landscape Drainage
Grand Rapids
Families Need

Keep Your Yard
Healthy and Dry

The Landscape Drainage
Grand Rapids
Families Need

Keep Your Yard
Healthy and Dry

Serving Grand Rapids • Ada • Caledonia • Byron Center • Kentwood and Nearby Areas

No One Wants a Soggy Lawn

Get Rid of Standing Water

Grand Rapids gets an average of 37 inches of rain a year. Pile on the yearly 64 inches of snow and your landscape gets a lot of water!

Sometimes that’s a good thing. But if not properly cared for, your yard can become flooded with standing water.

Don’t let a soggy lawn ruin your weekend plans.

Torchwood’s Landscape Drainage Services

French drain installation

Want to keep landscape issues out of sight and out of mind?

Ask Torchwood Landscaping about a French drain installation.

French drains are a special channel system that works underground. They take all of that extra Grand Rapids water and divert it away from your landscape.

That way your yard stays healthy and dry. Perfect for whenever you want to humble the teenagers in a game of cornhole or try out a little backyard yoga.

Drainage ditch. Laying a drainage pipe using rain drainage sewage pipe and box. Earthwork.
soggy lawn

Landscape Drainage Isn’t Something You Want to Put Off

You might ask yourself, “what harm can a little extra water cause?”

Unfortunately, a lot.

Without proper landscape drainage the water on your property has nowhere to go. Or at least nowhere good.

Standing water kills your landscape, harming the grass, trees and flowers you work so hard to maintain. Plus, it’s a breeding ground for insects and bacteria.

Even worse, if the water isn’t properly diverted, it can leak into your basement or destroy your home’s foundation.

That’s not something your family should have to worry about. Let us fix the problems before they get any worse.

How Much Does Landscape Drainage Cost?

At Torchwood Landscaping, we care about keeping your home in good shape for the long run. Landscape drainage helps you avoid unnecessary costs and headaches.

But getting the work done shouldn’t break the bank either.

So we like to be transparent about pricing.

And that starts with a free quote. Instead of searching “Landscape Drainage Grand Rapids cost” online, just cut right to the chase.

Get a plan tailored to your family today.

Man Installing Residential Downspout Connectors


Starting at


$15-$25 Ln. Ft.
Minimum of $1,200

black plastic drain in green grass or lawn


Starting at


$30-$40 Ln. Ft.
Minimum of $2,500