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A Walkway to Welcome You Home

Grand Rapids Walkway, Step, and Pathway Installation

A Walkway to Welcome You Home

Grand Rapids Walkway, Step, and Pathway Installation

Serving Grand Rapids • Ada • Caledonia • Byron Center • Kentwood and Nearby Areas

Outdated Walkways Can Be an Eyesore—And a Hazard

Your front walk is the welcome mat that ushers guests to your home. It’s the racetrack you send your kids running down to catch the school bus. It’s the annoying extra stretch you shovel in the wintertime and needs a good sweeping in the spring. Your walkways—whether they’re in the front, back, or side of your house—get a lot of foot traffic. After a while, they can fall into disrepair without you realizing it. 

Rain and snow, mud and dirt, and the pitter-patter of little feet can take a toll on your walkways. Not only can they become an eyesore because of it, but they can become a hazard. Cracks, weeds, and erosion can cause uneven footing. 

But we have good news—it’s easy to transform your outdated walkways into something beautiful and functional, one that’s safe for work, play, and welcoming friends into your home.

Pathway of pavers through a backyard garden.

Walkway, Step, and Pathway Installation for Every Family

Roll Out Your Home’s Red Carpet in Style

Seamless Fit With Your Landscaping
Our Torchwood team knows landscaping, so when we create a new pathway for you, we’ll keep your landscaping needs in mind. We’ll help you optimize your new pathway, prevent erosion, and create a design that fits your style and your life.

Additional Features
Make your pathways your own with unique stone or paver styles, lighting options, and steps for added safety. Whatever the style of your home, we’ll have colors, textures, and patterns for your walkway to match.

5-Year Warranty
All Torchwood hardscapes, including walkway, step, and pathway installation, include our 5-year warranty. If anything breaks or goes wrong, we’ll fix it, no questions asked.

Your Pathways, Walkways, and Steps Could Feature​

Stone pathway leading to front door of white house.

How Much Does a Walkway, Step, or Pathway Installation Cost?

A pathway, walkway, or steps project with Torchwood Landscaping typically costs about $25,000. We can accommodate any yard and the existing landscaping you have to create a design you truly love. 

We understand that giving your pathways and walkways a facelift is a big investment of time and money. That’s why we offer a fully free, transparent, no-obligation estimate before we do any work.

It’s time to love your landscape again! Call us today for a free estimate so we can get started on your pathway, walkway, or steps project.

Extraordinary Pathway Installation for Everyday Needs

Pathways and walkways don’t always seem like the most attractive part of your yard—but when they blend seamlessly with your landscaping, they take on a whole new welcoming look and feel. 

Whether you’re looking for a winding garden pathway or a walkway from your sliding door to the pool, we can help you create a design that works with your vision and your life. The materials we use are durable and dynamic, high-quality and highly adaptable. 

Upgrade your pathways and walkways to be trip-free and hassle-free, and include added features like steps to create an extraordinary design for your everyday needs.

Walkway in garden with nature colorful ornamental flowers background

What Hardscaping Material is Right for Me?

Not all hardscape materials are built the same. Check out our blog to learn about the different kinds of materials we use for hardscapes like patios, walkways, and steps.

Create a Safe, Friendly, and
Welcoming Outdoor Walkway Today