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5 Solutions for Keeping Your Patio Warm In Winter

Young couple warming up with plaid and marshmallow sitting on the patio of the modern house in the mountains durnig the winter holidays

Not ready to say goodbye to your patio for the winter? Snow might be falling, but that doesn’t mean you have to be cooped up inside all season. With a few simple solutions you can make your patio nice and cozy. When you and your guests are warm you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor living until next spring. Here are 5 solutions for keeping your patio warm in winter.

1. Block the Wind

Snow covered chairs on patio

Patios are typically very open spaces. In the summer, this is nice because it lets sunshine into every nook and cranny. But in the winter, that open space means there is nothing to shield you from the biting cold of the winter wind.

The first step to keeping your patio warm is blocking the cold air. There are a few ways you can block the wind, but the trick is to do it in a way that adds to and doesn’t subtract from the atmosphere. Trees and hedges make ideal natural cover, but of course you won’t be planting those this month. The same goes for potted shrubs. They are effective, but difficult to care for in the winter.

If you’re looking for immediate relief, consider installing glass walls or setting up temporary privacy screens.

2. Hang Insulating Curtains

Keeping cold air out is a start, but you also want to hold warm air in. That’s where insulating curtains are a great idea.

Insulating curtains are windproof and designed to keep heat from escaping. Open them when it’s warm and the sun is shining and shut them when it grows cooler. This method is cost- and energy-efficient. Plus, insulating curtains also provide extra privacy, making your patio feel even cozier. 

Curtains are easy to install and can be taken down or left up in the spring. Just be sure that they are water and UV proof so they can endure the elements.

3. Get a Removable Fire Feature

Roasting twist bread on open fireplace

Now that you don’t have to worry about heat escaping, the next step for keeping your patio warm in winter is to add a fire feature.

If your patio doesn’t already have a fire feature we recommend purchasing a portable fire pit. With these pits, fires are easy to start and manage. Simply start one when you want to be outside and put it out before you return indoors. The warm glow creates an inviting atmosphere and because fire is, well… fire, your family will keep toasty sitting around it.

If you do enjoy an open flame in an enclosed space, observe the proper safety precautions. Don’t leave the fire unattended and make sure you have enough ventilation for smoke.

4. Purchase an Infrared or Freestanding Heater

Those that don’t want a natural fire feature can keep their patio warm with an infrared or freestanding heater. These elements vary in size, style, and effectiveness. 

Many infrared heaters are powered by electricity. They work quickly and are generally silent when radiating heat. However, infrared heaters only heat the area right in front of them, so depending on the size of your space you may need more than one. Some heaters fit in effortlessly with your atmosphere, but others can be an eyesore, so look around before making a purchase.

Stand heaters can be either dome-top or pyramid-top and most commonly are fueled by propane. These heaters are often stylish and heat a space quickly. They provide a large degree of temperature control and can be switched on and off as necessary. Propane heaters should not be used under a roof or covered porch. Treat them with care to avoid knocking them over and keep from getting burns.

5. Invest in Heated Floors

wooden table on patio in winter on snowy ground

If you’re serious about keeping your patio warm in winter, don’t neglect the floors. Cold air sinks and makes your floors the most frigid part of the patio. Often the floor will gather water or ice, making it not only uncomfortable, but a safety hazard.

Heated floors help you leave these worries behind. Radiant heating keeps your floor ice free and dry. The warmth also rises, making the entire patio more pleasant.

There are a few options when it comes to heating your floors, and installation typically requires a professional. If you’d like to explore your choices, give us a call at Torchwood Landscaping.

Reminders for Keeping Your Patio Warm in Winter

Couple enjoying nature near the house during the winter on patio

  • Keep the size of your space in mind when selecting heating options.
  • Be mindful of energy costs. Electricity, propane, and natural gas all have their own price tags.
  • Insulate when not in use, but only heat when you’re going to be using your patio. This will prevent accidents and keep heating bills down.
  • Treat any heating element with care. Keep them away from flammable objects and avoid touching hot surfaces.
  • Don’t leave heating elements unattended.
  • Keep up with maintenance to make sure your heaters last for more than one season.

Enjoy Your Patio Year-Round!

If you take the advice we’ve offered in this article, you can make your patio into a welcoming space no matter the temperature outside. We recommend you follow these ideas in order to maximize efficiency. 

Block the wind, insulate your space, and then consider your heating elements. And if you want help weighing your options, give us a call at Torchwood Landscaping. We work all year round to create outdoor living spaces your family will love.

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